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Live-Session: Build Up Your Brand In An Hour

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Big ideas, but short on time? Join us for a hands-on bootcamp to build a plan for your brand--no matter what stage you're at. Get a lean-and-mean roadmap for stellar brand foundations, the key to any great branding and marketing plan.

Together, we'll walk through:

--Defining (and finding) your target audience
--Picking the platforms that make sense for you
--Building a 30-minute marketing SOP
--Identifying your keywords, and knowing how to use them
--Setting the right goals, and choosing the right KPIs

If you feel overwhelmed with the onslaught of unsolicited advice, have limited time and budget, and want to know where to start, this workshop is for you.

Join Moe Lincoln, veteran branding and marketing guru to make a plan that works for you--so you can be you and find your people!

About Moe:

Kings' Kitchen Media Co-Founder Moe Lincoln--graphic designer, business strategist, and brand consultant for female-led startups.

B.A. Vocal Performance | B.A. Business Administration

After spending several years in the music industry, Moe knows how to produce concepts that pop and resonate with the perfect audience. With Pinterest as her Shaman, she’s passionate about making everyday people become influencers and icons.

When she is not working on King’s Kitchen, she spends her days on her music project, Kingsley (shameless plug, follow her on Spotify), writing songs for other artists, modeling, acting, and all things creative in the entertainment industry. When not working, she is deep in meditation or at a life-changing retreat with the most legendary thought leaders of the world.

No matter what, she is here to either tell your story or help you tell it in the most beautiful, authentic way possible.

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